May 272016
The Trust Trailer

Watch the official trailer for The Trust, the newly released film starring Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood as two cops who decide to pull off a daring heist.

Apr 162015
Open Windows Review

Elijah Wood and Sasha Grey star in thriller Open Windows; a “difficult to watch” film about an actress who becomes the victim of a hugely invasive hack attack.

Mar 292010
Hobbit Movie Delayed

Filming for The Hobbit has been delayed. Read our report to find out why The Lord of the Rings prequel has been pushed back, and when it can likely be expected.

Mar 102010
9: Blu-ray Review

Full Blu-ray review of Shane Acker’s ‘9’, a Tim Burton produced animated film about a small group of miniature ‘puppets’ that are trying to survive after the destruction of humanity has left them living in a city of rubble, infested with machines that are trying to kill them.