Nov 052011
Real Steel Review

Hugh Jackman stars as former boxer Charlie Kenton in the near-future film Real Steel; which uses the world of robot boxing to reunite him and his estranged son.

Sep 052011
Warrior Clip

Watch a clip from the upcoming Warrior; which sees two estranged brothers enter an MMA tournament for a big cash prize, and going head-to-head with one another.

Nov 302010
Restrepo: DVD Review

DVD review of Restrepo, a documentary following the men of a single platoon during their deployment to the Korengal Valley; the “deadliest place on Earth”.

Nov 282010
The Eagle: Trailer

Watch the trailer for The Eagle; the story of a Roman officer who ventures into Scotland to investigate the disappearance of Rome’s infamous Ninth Legion.

Jan 102010
Blood And Bone: DVD Review

Underground fight films are being released in their droves, so what makes Blood and Bone stand out from the crowd? Read our full review to find out if the acting is up to scratch, if the stories any good, and more importantly, how the fights look.