Jan 292013
Movie 43 Review

Despite boasting the best cast list of 2013 already, does Movie 43’s extreme shock comedy make use of it’s talent or embarass them? Read on to find out!

Jan 242010
Gamer: Blu-ray Review

Have the directors from Crank successfully brought The Running Man into the 21st Century, or is Gamer just another visualization of a 12 year old boys fantasy gone wrong? Read our full Blu-ray review to find out.

Dec 132009
RocknRolla: Blu-ray Review

After the success of ‘Lock Stock…’, and ‘Snatch’ came the bomb that was ‘Revolver.’ RocknRolla was director Guy Ritchie’s attempt at a return to form, with a more traditional cockney gangster flick. Read the full Blu-ray review to learn how RocknRolla compares to his earlier pictures, and how the disc rates in general.