Mar 202012
HBO Loses its Luck

Learn why HBO made the surprising and sudden decision to cancel one of its most high-profile shows, Luck. Plus find out when Game of Thrones will be back.

Jun 072010
Exam: Blu-ray Review

Blu-ray review for Exam; a British psychological thriller, where 8 candidates try to outwit each other, and pass a rather unusual interview, to get a dream job.

Jan 292010
Mesrine: Blu-ray Review

Mesrine is the True story of Jacques Mesrine, France’s most notorious gangster; famed for robbing 32 banks, escaping from prison 4 times and being public enemy no1 in two continents. Read our extensive review of the French gangster epic, covering all aspects from action and acting to picture and sound quality, to find out if the Blu-ray lives up to the legend.

Dec 142009
Public Enemies: Blu-ray Review

Michael Mann’s gangster epic, starring Johnny Depp as real-life criminal and folk legend John Dillinger, and Christian Bale as Special Agent Melvin Purvis, whose only job is apprehending Dillinger. Read our review for full information on the movie itself, and it’s high-definition disc.