Dec 282012
Sightseers Review

Our review of Sightseers; a British black comedy about a couple who take a seemingly average caravan holiday that turns into a cross country murder marathon.

Jun 272012
Killer Joe Review

Matthew McConaughey leads the cast of Killer Joe as a detective/hitman, in a film we describe as ‘the darkest feel-good comedy ever released.’

Nov 222011
Gone Trailer

Watch the official trailer for Gone; the upcoming thriller about a woman’s quest to rescue her sister from the serial killer who abducted her.

Oct 082011
The Raven Trailer

Trailer for The Raven; where Edgar Allan Poe (played by John Cusack) gets drawn into catching a serial killer, who’s murders are inspired by his stories.

Sep 282011
The Killing Clips

Watch two clips from the first season of The Killing; detective show which opened to widespread acclaim, and follows a single murder case over an entire season.

Sep 192011
Holding, The Review

Our review of The Holding; a superb British thriller about a woman who murders her husband, only to have her secret come back to haunt her eight months later.

Sep 122011
The Holding Trailer

Trailer for The Holding; a gripping British thriller, set in the Peak District, about a wife who kills her husband, only to have the secret return to haunt her.

Oct 072010
New Faster Trailer

Watch the new trailer for Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s upcoming action movie Faster; a film about an ex-con who vows to get revenge for the death of his brother.

Oct 052010
Burke & Hare: Trailer

Watch the trailer for Burke and Hare; a comedy starring Simon Pegg and Andy Serkis, about two of Scotland’s most prolific murderers, who lived in the 1820’s.

Sep 292010
True Grit: Trailer

Watch the trailer for True Grit; a Western made by the Coen Brothers, about a young girl, and her surly partner, on a mission to avenge her father’s murder.

Aug 282010
22 Bullets Clip

Watch a clip from 22 Bullets; a French thriller that places Jean Reno on a vengeful killing spree, after he becomes the victim of a botched murder attempt.