Aug 052013
Monsters University Review

Confession to make – I didn’t like Monsters Inc. Decent idea on paper, stretched to it’s limits, sugarcoated in Pixar awesomeness may have managed to get families in but not me. I can see what they were going for and respect it but not my cup of tea. So imagine my disgust when they not […]

Mar 302011
Rio: Movie Review

Review of Rio; the upcoming animated children’s movie from Fox, about a rare bird who travels to Rio De Janeiro to meet his mate, and quickly gets kidnapped.

Feb 232010
Up: Blu-ray Review

Up tells the story of a grieving widower who defies the odds and, rather than face a bleak end in a soulless retirement home, chases the dreams of adventure that he once shared with his lost love. Read our review to find out how Pixar’s latest hit looks on Blu-ray, and if it deserves to win this year’s Best Film Oscar.