Dec 282012
Sightseers Review

Our review of Sightseers; a British black comedy about a couple who take a seemingly average caravan holiday that turns into a cross country murder marathon.

Jul 072012
Alex Cross Trailer

Watch the official trailer for Alex Cross; the upcoming crime/thriller based on the James Patterson novel; plus learn who’s starring, release dates, and more.

Sep 262011
Blitz Review

Read our review of Blitz; the film which places Jason Statham as a no-nonsense detective on the hunt for a serial killer who’s targeting policemen in London.

Sep 182011
Dexter Season 5 Review

Full review of the fifth season of Dexter; where everyone’s favourite serial-killer/blood-spatter-analyst teams up with a rape victim to exact his own justice.

Jan 192011
Rubber: Trailer

Watch the official trailer for Rubber; a film about an abandoned tyre named Robert, who comes to life in the desert, and embarks upon a violent killing spree.

Nov 012010
Blitz: Trailer

Watch the trailer for Blitz; a British crime film, starring Jason Statham as a cop on the trail of a serial killer who enjoys hunting London policemen.