Sep 252011
The Grey Trailer

Trailer for The Grey; an upcoming survival movie about a few men who survive a plane crash, only to be trapped in the Alaskan wilderness and hunted by wolves.

Feb 112011
Buried: DVD Review

DVD review of Buried: a tense thriller starring Ryan Reynolds (Smokin’ Aces) as a man who wakes to find out he’s been buried alive, and his struggle to survive.

Dec 092010
The Way Back: Trailer

Watch the trailer for The Way Back; a Peter Weir film based on the true story of men who escaped from a Soviet prison camp, and walked 4,000 miles to freedom.

Oct 192010
The Reef: Trailer

Read our report for details on the real-life inspired, upcoming, horror film The Reef; including cast list, plot details, trailer, and release date.

Oct 182010
Wrecked: Trailer

Watch the trailer for Wrecked; a thriller about a man who awakes from a car wreck, in the middle of a forest, with no memory of who he is, or how he got there.