The Dark Knight Rises Official Trailer


We’ve had a description, a couple of fakes, and even a few fairly shoddily recorded versions leaked online, but now, Christopher Nolans latest, and final, Batman movie; The Dark Knight Rises; has been given a clean and official trailer, which is available to view below.

After beginning with some old footage, and a voiceover of Liam Neeson’s Ra’s Al Ghul from Batman Begins, we do get to see a few snippets of new footage, including seeing a clearly ill Police Commissioner Jim Gordon (once again played by Gary Oldman) discussing the the state of Gotham City; as “evil rises” and he believes “The Batman has to come back.”

Other than that there’s a quick flash of Inception’s Tom Hardy as Bane (in full face mask), and not a lot else; there’s barely even a glimpse of Christian Bale returning as Batman (though we do hear him as Bruce Wayne telling the commissioner that Batman “might not exist anymore”), no shots of returning stars Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman, and no footage of Catwoman (who’s being played by Alice in Wonderland’s Anne Hathaway).

Inception stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Marion Cotillard will also co-star in the film that’s easily one of the most anticipated movies of next year (and up against some stiff competition, with The Avengers and The Hobbit both due for release), and will spell the end of Nolan’s amazingly well received Batman trilogy when it’s released on July 20th 2012 (in only year and two days).

Matt Wheeldon.
Source: Warner Bros.

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