The Month’s Top U.S. Releases: October 2010


Released 5th October:

Bones: The Complete Fifth Season:

Format: Blu-ray/DVD

Classification: Not Rated

Stars: Emily Deschanel (My Sister’s Keeper), David Boreanaz (Angel), Michaela Conlin (Enchanted), T.J. Thyne (The Human Contract)

Forensic anthropologist, and scientific genius, Dr. Temperance Brennan reunites with, the much more street-wise, F.B.I. Special Agent Seeley Booth, to solve a variety of crimes by examining victims skeletons, and will, in this season, celebrate their 100th episode, and make some life changing decisions.

The Karate Kid (2010):

Format: Blu-ray/DVD/Blu-ray+DVD+Digital Copy Combo

Classification: PG

Stars: Jaden Smith (The Day the Earth Stood Still), Jackie Chan (Rush Hour), Taraji P. Henson (Date Night),

The latest career move from Dre Parker’s mother, lands the 12-year-old living in China, where cultural differences, and a girl, lead to him getting bullied at school, and seeking refuge from a maintenance man who happens to be a kung fu master, in this new take on a classic movie.

Mad Max:

Format: Blu-ray+DVD Combo

Classification: R

Stars: Mel Gibson (Edge of Darkness), Steve Bisley (Red Hill)

In the ravaged near future of Australia, a ruthless motorcycle gang rules the road; terrorizing innocent civilians, and blatantly disobeying the police force who are determined to stop them; until they brutalize the best friend and family of Officer Max, who instantly sets his sights on revenge.

Released 12th October:

The Tudors: The Final Season:

Format: DVD

Classification: Not Rated

Stars: Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Shelter), Henry Cavill (Stardust), Nick Dunning (Alexander), James Frain (True Blood)

Witness the final days of Henry VIII’s near 40 year rule over England, and see not only his final female conquests, and political relationships, but the deconstruction of the Roman Catholic Church in England, in Showtime’s fantastic dramatization of the most famous Tudor monarch.

Jonah Hex:

Format: Blu-ray+DVD+Digital Copy/DVD

Classification: PG-13

Stars: Josh Brolin (No Country for Old Men), Megan Fox (Transformers), John Malkovich (Johnny English), Michael Fassbender (Centurion)

Adapted from the classic graphic novel, Jonah Hex tells the tale of a scarred drifter/bounty hunter who’s capable of tracking anyone, and forced by the military to hunt a dangerous terrorist who happens to be not only gathering an army and preparing to unleash hell, but also Jonah’s oldest enemy.

Released 19th October:

Apocalypse Now: Three Disc Full Disclosure Edition:

Format: Blu-ray

Classification: R

Stars: Martin Sheen (The Departed), Marlon brando (The Godfather), Robert Duvall (The Godfather), Dennis Hopper (Easy Rider)

Supervised by director Francis Ford Coppola, this release contains both the 1979 cut, and Apocalypse Now Redux in glorious High-Definition, and the feature length making of; Heart of Darkness; as well as a 48 page booklet, and over 9 hours of extras, all enhancing one of the greatest war films ever made.


Format: Blu-ray/DVD

Classification: R

Stars: Adrien Brody (King Kong), Walton Goggins (The Shield), Laurence Fishburne (Armored), Topher Grace (Spider-Man 3)

The next chapter in the Predator universe dispenses a group of trained killers on an alien world resembling the jungles of Central America, and pits them in a battle for survival as they attempt to outwit the Predators that placed them there, in order to hunt them for sport.

Read our review of the movie online here.

The Crimson Wing – The Mystery of the Flamingo:

Format: Blu-ray+DVD/DVD

Classification: Not Rated

The Crimson Wing explores one of natures last great mysteries, by examining the dramatic Lake Natron in northern Tanzania; where a million crimson winged flamingos descend every year, continuing the circle of life; and following a single chick as it begins its life against the backdrop of never-before-filmed landscapes.

Read our interview with writer/producer Melanie Finn here.

Released 26th October:

Alien Anthology:

Format: Blu-ray

Classification: Not Rated

Stars: Sigourney Weaver (Ghostbusters), Tom Skerrit (Top Gun),  John Hurt (The Elephant Man), Ian Holm (The Lord of the Rings)

Relive all four Alien movies with the ultimate collection on Blu-ray; featuring a shockingly impressive transfer,  two different cuts of each movie, and two Blu-ray discs containing over 60 hours of special features; including featurettes, commentaries, and 4 hours of never-before-seen content.

Back to the Future: 25th Anniversary Trilogy:

Format: Blu-ray+Digital Copy

Classification: PG

Stars: Michael J. Fox (Spin City), Christopher Lloyd (The Addams Family),  Thomas F. Wilson (Freaks and Geeks), Lea Thompson (Caroline in the City)

Relive the greatest ever time-travel adventure, with Back to the Future; featuring fully remastered transfers of all three films, over two hours of new bonus features (including a retrospective look at the film), and exclusive to the Limited Editions; posters, OUTTATIME numberplate, Sports Almanac, and more.

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