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Entourage is one of the most iconic American television shows to air on HBO. Its eight seasons were so successful, they spawned a feature film which premieres on June 19th in the UK. Before you watch the movie, let’s take a look back to remember these five classic episodes:

“I Love You Too”- Season 2

In general, season 2 was compiled of memorable gems but this episode in particular was one of the best. The guys go to Comic-Con, where Drama is some kind of hero to all the nerds because of his successful role in the show Viking Quest. Watching him in his horned helmet and axe is a hilarious sight to see. Another bonus to this episode involves Turtle using his connections with three porn stars to persuade a journalist to write favorable things about Vince.

“The Resurrection”- Season 3

Although mostly a comedy, Entourage has its emotional and touching moments. As Drama’s new pilot is about to premiere, we find him upset and thinking that he has failed yet again as an actor. When he drives off crying and alone, we feel the hurt and frustration he feels at that moment. However, at the end of the episode, the guys turn it all around when they tell Drama how great the pilot actually did.

“Tree Trippers”- Season 5

“Tree Trippers” is a memorable episode for a couple of reasons. The first is the plot, which revolves around the gang, along with Eric Roberts, going to Joshua Tree to trip on shrooms. The typical hilarity ensues as the drugs hit each member of the group. On a metaphorical level, this episode is significant because it comes at a time where all four members of the gang are trying to find themselves. The relationship dynamics have changed since the first season, and it is a great pivotal episode in overall character development.


“Give A Little Bit”- Season

“Give A Little Bit” was perhaps the best season finale of the series because it provided enough plot movement to set up the final two seasons. In this episode, the Loyd and Ari plot comes to a close with Ari making Loyd a full agent. Drama’s crisis over his acting career takes a positive turn when he does well in his Melrose Place audition. Even though he is too old for the part, the studio agrees to develop a show around him. Turtle’s and Eric’s relationships also take major turns. Jaime-Lynn breaks up with Turtle over the phone from New Zealand after Turtle hops on a plane to be with her. He ends up meeting Vince in Italy. On the other hand, Eric ends up proposing to his girlfriend Sloan after walking off the plane to Italy.

“Whiz Kid”- Season 8

This episode, written by Jerry Ferrara, makes this list for its comedic gold. Grenier has often been criticized for his flat portrayal of Vince, but he really shines in this episode. Vince is faced with a drug test which he thinks he’ll fail since he smoked weed a few days earlier. The gang comes up with the hilarious solution of having him cheat the test using a different sample and a fake penis to deliver the it. Vince’s memorable “I’m wearing a fake cock” is a classic one-liner.

These five episodes are a must-watch if you plan on seeing the film and there are a couple of options for those who don’t have the luxury of having the DVD/Blu-ray collection…
In the UK Sky Boxsets and NowTV are currently offering access to the entire 8 seasons of Entourage, and in the US HBO NOW (HBO’s new standalone streaming app) is offering a free trial which has access to every Entourage episode. DirecTV customers (US) will also be able to catch episodes through an HBO free trial offered later this month (local channels vary).

That said, there are now no excuses not to rewatch the series! Make sure to relive these moments and more with your favorite boys from Hollywood.

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