Top Gun Gets 3D Re-release?


Avatar had a second theatrical re-release only a year after it originally hit theaters, and Titanic is scheduled to have its own 3D re-release next April, but it appears as though it’s not only James Cameron who’s up for re-releasing his old movies in 3D, as George Lucas will be re-releasing the Star Wars movies (beginning with Episode I: The Phantom Menace, on February 10th 2012), The Lion King is getting a 3D re-release, and it’s just been announced that Top Gun will also be getting a 3D re-release.

One of the best loved films from producing partners Jerry Bruckheimer and Don Simpson (The Rock), Top Gun is often fondly revisited by movie fans across the globe, and remembered for its embodiment of 1980s culture, superb soundtrack, and the infamous volleyball scene (not to mention being one of Mission: Impossible star Tom Cruise’s best films, and including a large number of oft-quoted lines).

The decision to re-release Top Gun in 3D came after four minutes of footage (consisting of the ‘Danger Zone’ flight sequence) was screened at the International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam; and judging by the recent announcement, must have gone down fairly well.

Top Gun’s re-release is apparently planned for early next year, according to Legend CEO Rob Hummel; whose company is currently having the title converted for Paramount, and also stated that Paramount “want to get [director] Tony Scott’s approval before they go forward.”

Matt Wheeldon.
Source: The Hollywood Reporter.

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