Transformers Franchise Extended To 8 Films

Optimus Prime Transformers

Some films and franchises prove themselves to be critic-proof; Fast & Furious, 50 Shades of Grey etc; but Transformers has not only proved itself to be counted among them (racking up a ridiculous amount of money at the international Box Office across the four films they’ve released so far – with last year’s Age Of Extinction earning a billion itself), but one which Paramount clearly has a great deal of faith in – extending the franchise up to at least Transformers 8.

While we already knew work on Transformers 5 was underway, the announcements of 6, 7, and 8, all at once, has come as something as a surprise to some onlookers – though perhaps it shouldn’t have given its undeniable marketability.

With China now being such an important market, and the way many Asian countries (not only China) seem to flock to Hollywood tentpoles (giant robots, explosions, and Michael Bay seem like a fantastic money maker in the East), Transformers could likely go to 14 films and still make money – just look at the way the Chinese market alone managed to drag the mediocre Terminator Genisys from a perceived flop to successful money maker.

Still, Hasbro (the toy manufacturer who was behind the announcement) were keen to point out they’re not solely betting on Asia to pick up dud movies, but have invested serious time and money into making sure the franchise will rest on solid ground; having a team of writers headed by Akiva Goldsman; who Hasbro head Steven J. Davis points out “many of you may know won an Academy Award for A Beautiful Mind and written a bunch of great movies”; spend three months crafting a cogent structure for the next ten years of Transformers films.

No release dates have been announced as yet, and Michael Bay hasn’t even confirmed whether or not he’ll direct the next Transformers, but we do know Transformers 5 is set for release in summer 2017.

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Matt Wheeldon@TheMattWheeldon.
Source: Variety.