Uncharted movie gets Shawn Levy


Whilst it may have been lingering in developmental limbo for a number of year, fans and studio executives still seem keen to see the Uncharted video games adapted into a big screen movie. A number of stars and directors have been linked to the project in the past, and now, hopefully spurring the project forward, Shawn Levy has joined as the new Uncharted director.

Levy, who directed the strong, and unfortunately under-appreciated, Real Steel, is taking over from David O. Russell and Seth Gordon (who were both attached to direct at different times), and hoping to bring life to the modern-day Indiana Jones like tale of a globe-trotting treasure hunter named Nathan Drake; who often ends up in his fair share of firefights, en-route to unearthing an ancient treasure which probably should’ve stayed hidden.

Joe Carnahan has drafted the latest version of the script (foregoing the opportunity to direct in order to focus on Bad Boys For Life), though Levy will undoubtedly want to put his own spin on things now he’s aboard, and may finally tell us if Mark Wahlberg is still attached to star as Drake, or if Nathan Fillion actually has the gig now.

Either way, it’d be wise to approach the news of Levy’s appointment with optimistic caution; given the stop/start nature of the Uncharted film thus far.

Matt Wheeldon@TheMattWheeldon.
Source: Deadline.

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