Boardwalk Empire Season One Available to Pre-Order Now


Boasting a brilliant cast (headed by Reservoir Dogs’ Steve Buscemi) and crew (with the pilot episode being directed by series producer, and Goodfellas’ director Martin Scorsese), Boardwalk Empire was easily one of the most anticipated new shows of last year, and now the first season of the HBO original show is available to pre-order on Blu-ray and DVD.

Following a Sopranos-style drama that centers around the business of Atlantic City treasurer and crime-lord Nucky Thompson (Buscemi), Boardwalk Empire is set during prohibition(the golden age of crime in the US; where bribing was commonplace and gangsters were the rockstars of their day), shows just how rife the business of bootlegging booze really was, and focusses on not only the struggles of running an illegal business, but also family dramas told through both semi-fictional events, and real ones (including following Snatch’s Stephen Graham as Al Capone and his exploits as an up-and-coming gangster in Chicago).

Universally praised, Boardwalk Empire had the most expensive pilot episode in TV history, and was instantly renewed for a second season as soon as the first episode aired back in September 2010, and now that season two has started airing on TV it’s the perfect time to pre-order Boardwalk Empire Season One on Blu-ray or DVD, ahead of its release on January 9th in the UK, and January 10th in the US.

Matt Wheeldon.