Oct 272012
Skyfall Review

Not just an essential Bond, but an essential film. Read our review to learn what makes Skyfall one of James Bond’s best ever outings.

Feb 152011
Ironclad: Trailer

Watch the official trailer for Ironclad; the true story of a few warriors who attempted to defend Rochester Castle from the huge army of tyrannical King John.

Nov 012010
Blitz: Trailer

Watch the trailer for Blitz; a British crime film, starring Jason Statham as a cop on the trail of a serial killer who enjoys hunting London policemen.

Aug 282010
127 Hours Trailer

Watch the official trailer for 127 Hours; the Danny Boyle produced true story of mountain climber Aron Ralston, who was wedged in a canyon for nearly five days.

Feb 172010
Michael Jackson: This Is It: Blu-ray Review

Michael Jackson’s This Is It, is a collection of his personal rehearsal tapes, for his ill-fated final tour. Read Our review to find out if the King of Pop’s tour would have really been worth watching, how he looked during his final days, and if the picture and sound can really live up to the musical heights of the legend.